Raspberry Cream Pie

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Fresh raspberries are perfectly blended into a light, mouth-watering cream base saying goodbye to all your previous cream based pie favorites, our raspberry cream pie will make you realize the true destiny of the raspberry fruit. Perfectly placed atop a chocolate, butter crumb crust and adorned with our house-made whipped topping with a kiss of a fresh raspberry on top. Yum!

How you can buy the Raspberry Cream Pie:

  • Large: It's big. Not a 9" skinny pie you find in grocery stores or other bakeries. (order on this page!)
  • Quad: 4 delicious personal raspberry cream pies in one box! (order on this page!)
  • Bites: By special order only. Email yum@birdiespies.com or call 208-457-7004.

Gluten Free Raspberry Cream Pie Option* (pre order, 48 hours in advance):

This version of the pie is made with our gluten free, chocolate butter cookie crust. So delicious!

  • Large: see above
  • Quads: see above

Bites & Quads Orders: You cannot order bites or quads on this page, please use the Bites or Quads menu item to find this pie in those categories.

*Gluten Free obscene astericks statement - like most commercial kitchens, our kitchen is not a 100% gluten free.  However, we do take precaution and do our absolute best to make these pies without gluten, but there is a possibility for cross-contamination. 

Bites & Quads Orders:
Please Use the Bites or Quads Menu Item.