Marionberry Cream Pie

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#together - Marionberry comes from Oregon. Between Oregon and Washington, our friends and neighbors are having a tough go at it with these dang fires! We all can feel it with the smoke. We wanted to honor them and lend a helping hand. Enter #piemagic!! ALL the money from EVERY Marionberry Cream Pie sold will go directly into a relief fund to those afected by these fires in WA and OR. The fund has been set up by the American Red Cross. It's simple, buy pie and help families in need. Share this post please!

We have great friends who are firefighters putting their life on the line and others who have lost their homes, land and just don't know where to begin! We make pie - it's simple but it's what we do and the way we know how to help.

Come have some delicious pie and help our neighbors out! We love you and love the support. #piecures

How you can buy this Marionberry pie:

  • Large: It's big. Not a 9" skinny pie you find in grocery stores or other bakeries. (order on this page!)
  • Personal: Bigger than a slice, for sure! 4.25 inch personal pie.
  • Quad: 4 delicious personal raspberry cream pies in one box! (order on this page!)
  • Bites: By special order only. Email or call 208-457-7004.

Bites & Quads Orders:
Please Use the Bites or Quads Menu Item.