Weddings & Events - FAQs


  • Personal Sweet Pies: 5.95
  • Personal Savory Pies: 7.75
  • Whole Sweet Pies: 30
  • Whole Savory Pies: 34
  • Bites (sold by the 8): 18

Are there discounts:

  • There is a 10% off bulk order discount for orders of $500 or more. 
  • There is a 10% off any pie order when you also book The Pie Bar mobile trailer.

How do I reserve my date:

  • For weddings, go here and put down a minimal deposit: If this is NOT for a wedding, please email us and we can send you an invoice.

Do you do tastings:

Payment terms:

  • Initial deposit is refundable up to 30 days out.
  • Full payment is due 30 days before the event.

Can I change my order:

  • You can add, take away or change flavors up to 30 days out.

How many pies do I need:

Here is what we suggest depending on which pies you are getting.

  • Personal pies: 1 per guest.
  • Birdie Bites: 2-3 per guest.
  • Whole pies: 1 pie per 6 guests.

Delivery & Set Up:

  • We do offer delivery - cost depends on location. Minimum delivery fee is $100.

The Pie Bar - Mobile Pie Trailer:

  • The must-have addition to any wedding or event, The Pie Bar is a 1961 customized camper trailer that comes with staff, delivery, set up - the works! We can only have the Pie Bar at one location per day so reserve it well in advance. The price is $250 per hour, minimum of two hours. Pie is sold separately. To learn more and reserve your date, go here.

What flavors can I have:

  • Any of our staple flavors plus anything seasonal we can get our hands on. For example, if your wedding is in January, we can't make you strawberry rhubarb pie!
  • Huckleberry Caveat: we can't offer huckleberry pies for large events or weddings. Sorry!

Do you make sugar free pies:

  • Absolutely not. Our least amount of sugar would be the apple or triple berry.

Do you make Gluten Free pies:

  • Yes! Most of our cream pies can be gluten free. None of our pastry pies are gluten free unless you want them "naked" (no crust). 

Do you make dairy free pies:

  • We do. The greatest dairy free pie of all time. The Triple Berry Pie. It's delicious.

Event is on Sunday or Monday, can I still get pie:

  • Yes! We are closed on Sunday so you'll have to pick up on Saturday if you have an event on Sunday. If your event is on Monday, we are here at the shop just not technically "open".