Chocolate Caramel Pecan

$19.50 - $28.00
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Our Pecan Pie with a twist is the "pecan pie anyone can get on board with." Pecan Pie lovers will enjoy it's uniqueness and likely never want a normal Pecan Pie again. Those weirdos out there who don't like Pecan Pie will actually find themselves yearning for another slice! Imagine a blondie, chocolate chip cookie and pecan pie all made a baby -- yep! Do we need say more?

How you can buy the Pecan Pie:

  • Large: It's big. Not a 9" skinny pie you find in grocery stores or other bakeries.(order on this page)
  • Quads: When you feel like sharing or can't pick just one personal pie flavor. (order on this page)
  • Bites: By special order only. Email or call 208-457-7004.


Bites & Quads Orders:
Please Use the Bites or Quads Menu Item.