Key Lime Pie

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Key lime pie, Birdie style. Hand-squeezed key limes, toasted coconut flakes magically placed in all the right parts situated atop a mouth-watering, proprietary graham crust.

How you can buy the Key Lime Pie:

  • Large: It's big. Not a 9" skinny pie you find in grocery stores or other bakeries.(learn more)
  • Personal: We felt a slice just wasn't enough. (learn more)
  • Quads: When you feel like sharing or can't pick just one personal pie flavor. (learn more)
  • Bites: Only by the dozen, these cuties will take over the cookie. (learn more)

Gluten Free Key Lime Pie Option* (pre order, 48 hours in advance):

This is made with a gluten free, buttery vanilla cookie crust with our signature key lime filling. You'll LOVE this gluten free key lime pie!

  • Large: see above
  • Quads: see above

Bites & Quads Orders: You cannot order bites or quads on this page, please use the Bites or Quads menu item to find this pie in those categories.

*Gluten Free obscene astericks statement - like most commercial kitchens, our kitchen is not a 100% gluten free.  However, we do take precaution and do our absolute best to make these pies without gluten, but there is a possibility for cross-contamination.