Apple Pie

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A delicious, hand-crafted recipe that is as old as your great-grandmother. Birdie's Signature Crust stuffed with the perfect blend of locally sourced apples, creative spices and pie-passion. Apples are cut fresh, tossed in spices and put into the crust within 24 hours. They don't come from bottled or canned apples so the apples are not mushy or soft. In contrast, this unique, award-winning apple pie has a crisp to it. It will be love at first bite.

How you can buy the Apple Pie:

  • Large: It's big. Not a 9" skinny pie you find in grocery stores or other bakeries.(learn more)
  • Personal: We felt a slice just wasn't enough. (learn more)
  • Quads: When you feel like sharing or can't pick just one personal pie flavor. (learn more)
  • Bites: Only by the dozen, these cuties will take over the cookie. (learn more)

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