You Fill My ❤ Pie (preorders over! Come to the shops on Feb 10, 11 or 14 for walk in pies and gift sets)

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Fill your heart with these special Heart Shaped or Classic Round whole pies for Valentine's Day 2022:

  • Chocolate Cream (Using Ghirardelli fine chocolate, we whip up the most delicious cream pie filling that gently lays over a scrumptious cookies & cream crust bed. But wait, there's more! Our house-made "Finley Cream" (whipped topping) adorns the chocolate as in a way only royalty have witnessed to perfectly balance the sweetness in your watering mouth.)
  • Key Lime (Key lime pie, Birdie style. Hand-squeezed key limes, toasted coconut flakes magically placed in all the right parts situated atop a mouth-watering, proprietary graham crust.)
  • Apple Pie (A delicious, hand-crafted recipe that is as old as your great-grandmother. Birdie's Signature Crust stuffed with the perfect blend of locally sourced apples, creative spices and pie-passion. Apples are cut fresh, tossed in spices and put into the crust within 24 hours. They don't come from bottled or canned apples so the apples are not mushy or soft. In contrast, this unique, award-winning apple pie has a crisp to it. It will be love at first bite.)
  • Raspberry Cream (Fresh raspberries are perfectly blended into a light, mouth-watering cream base saying goodbye to all your previous cream based pie favorites, our raspberry cream pie will make you realize the true destiny of the raspberry fruit. Perfectly placed atop a chocolate, butter crumb crust and adorned with our house-made whipped topping with a kiss of a fresh raspberry on top. Yum!)
  • Triple Berry (Our staple berry pie is a harmonious masterpiece of flavor! Rasberry, blueberry and blackberry mix together in a secret blend of spices and cozy up in a warm, delicate blanket of Birdies Signature Crust. The combination of sweet, tart and flake make you honestly wonder if you'll ever dare to try a different berry pie for the rest of your life.)
  • Red Velvet is a classic red velvet flavor, in pie form! It has our oreo crust and is topped with a vanilla cream cheese topping!
  • Turtle Pie (NEW PIE! A buttery chocolate crust sits below a rich layer of dolce de leche. A perfect mix of candied pretzels and pecans comes next with a heavenly cream cheese fluff atop. Add milk chocolate ganache, house made whip, garnish with bits of the sweet and salty pretzel, pecan mix.)